• Half of a great idea is making it happen


    I have has always been fascinated by our ability as humans to collectively build great things. Believing in the power of hard work I started building small tech projects since I was 14. After graduating in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and studying Technology Entrepreneurship at ETH Zürich I started a self-designed one-year Master on Startups Ecosystems that took me directly to work with entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley.


    In 2013, I started Ympact, a non-profit organization that reports about startups ecosystems by producing free documentaries available on YouTube. So far we covered 6 major European cities and Silicon Valley.


    Since then I work for entrepreneurs, supporting their day to day activities and helping them to bring their business off the ground. One of the latest startups I've been supporting is the Italian based bartender-robot Makr Shakr presented at Google I/O, San Francisco. I had the pleasure to launch the robot's mobile version at Expo Milano 2015, manage clients relationships, negotiate and close the first sales contracts.


    I'm now working at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, studying cutting-edge technologies (i.e. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence) and evaluating their impact on fast-growing markets to identify new business models and business opportunities while helping entrepreneurs to expand their business internationally with scalable sales and operations.


    I can't stop reading TechCrunch articles and watching Vsauce2 Mind Blow videos. Sometimes I travel and take photos.


    Happy to help. You can find me on Linkedin and Twitter, or just send me an email.